New AVKEM Family of Fuel Additives

The AVKEM line of Fuel Additives dramatically reduce fuel costs by improving engine performance, prolonging engine life, and eliminating sludge for cleaner combustion. The result is better yeld and a cleaner burning engine.

Why use AVKEM Fuel Additives?
Today's fuel is put to the test every day in a variety of operating conditions from microbial organisms that actually grow in diesel tanks, corrosive properties of ethanol,and potential lubricity problems associated with low sulfur diesel fuels.Well.....any number of things can happen to negatively impact fuel performance in your boat, truck, generator or heavy equipment.

Fortunately many of these known problems can be minimized and even reversed by using one of the AVKEM Family of products. The AVKEM line of gas and diesel additives reduce operating costs, prolong engine life, reduce harmful emissions, eliminate sludge for cleaner combustion, extend fuel filter life, and eliminates the harmful effects of ethanol. The result is better performance and a cleaner burning engine.