18 Apr 2017 • CYNERGI - UTAH

In 2015, Laura Nelson Head of Energy at Utah gov., Rep. Eric Hitchings, Brenner Adams from  Utah clean tech. commission camed to visit Cynergi in Italy in order to understand better the technology and its application in the field of black wax petroleum. In 2016, Cynergi tested samples of  Utah wax petroleum through a wax cracking test and nano emulsification of the petroleum. The same tests were made by Univertsity of Utah UStar in order to confirm or not the results of the use of The Cynergi Technology.

The results: a significant reduction of the mollecular chain of the product, a perfect homogeneity of the product. It has also been prooved that our patented cavitation system act as a real pre-cracking process for the treatment of black wax.

We were invited in the 8th annual Waxy Crude Workshop to present those results and the potential help that this technology could be for local producers.

Thanks for the support of department of Energy at Utah gov, University of Utah. Thanks to Brenner Adams for his help and introduction during this workshop.