Increasing the competitiveness of Cynergi through the continuous development of new technology solutions, improving the quality of the materials and contributing to sustainable development through the reduction of environmental impact, are the fundamental elements that characterize our research and development activity. Most of the projects of the R&D division aim to develop, in the short and medium terms, improvements of quality of our products and create the product of the future, to meet the needs of each market requires. These programs are designed and optimized by a team of experts who, in collaboration with the major research institutes and universities, develop new solutions with respect to the strict international certifications. The R&D division is provided with modern equipment to perform advanced tests, simulating the production process and the subsequent environmental conditions to which the products will be subjected. The superiority of our products must be built and conquered. We create tomorrow’s solutions, giving life to products that bring added value to customers by extending the use of Cynergi technology in the world; this is the mission of our R&D division.


Cyntech Labs

Chemical analysis laboratories test clients' samples, materials and products for chemical composition, contamination, fuel analysis, additives formulation, quality control and more. Cynergi chemical labs help clients meet quality, research and regulatory requirements and specifications. In addition, the chemical testing laboratories provide rapid analytical services for urgent customer problems like failure analysis, unknown contamination, manufacturing issues and other situations.

In our laboratories we develop all additives used in the fuel emulsion and for lubricating and hydraulic oil.

A dedicated sector is focused on metallic nano-powder as the main component in internal surface restructuring of engines.