Cynergi Group provides comprehensive solutions and services in the fields of fuel, additives and combustion by utilizing a wide range of proprietary devices, products and technologies to reduce both fuel consumption and emissions.

Cyntech fuel emulsion:  A cost-effective alternative for treatment of diesel, heavy fuel oil and all other liquid fuels which allows to reduce the energy-unit fuel costs and to reduce drastically the emissions.

Cynergi’s process uses ultrapure water and proprietary additives to produce a nano-emulsion, a special fuel treatment, usable directly on turbines, boilers, ships and engine generators.

Internal combustion engines, turbines and boilers which use HFO, Diesel, vegetal oil or animal fat oil, are now able to treat their fuels with Cyntech Emulsifier and produce the nano emulsion on-site.

In the internal combustion generators, Cynergi also uses the injection of oxyhydrogen gas that permits to increase the amount of water in the emulsion avoiding the creation of unburned, increasing the engine performance.


Proprietary Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-Treatment with Hydrodynamic cracking of fuel to reduce molecular length and viscosity.
  • OxyHydrogen Cynergas to improve fuel efficiency and drastically reduce the unburned.
  • Nano Emulsion made with ultrapure water and special Cyntech Additives to reduce consumption and emissions.
  • Injection Nozzle to provide the fuel micronization for the ultimate combustion reaction in boilers application.


Engine Generator, Boilers, Turbines, Marine engines and Vehicles.
With its two brands Cynergas and Cyntech, Cynergi offers a complete line of products to cover all needs of its clients.
Our technology solutions work with Diesel, Light Oil, Residual Oil, HFO, Biofuel and Animal Fat Oil.