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Information at a glance

This section groups information of special interest to Cynergi shareholders and future investors. The business of Cynergi is described in the  "Activity" section.

Corporate Governance

The term Corporate Governance refers to the system and rules by which companies are managed and governed.
When developing its corporate governance system, integrity and transparency were the key principles on which Cynergi focused. The system is also structured in accordance with applicable general and specific regulations, as well as with the Company’s By-laws and Code of Ethics, and with internal rules and best practices in this field.

Cynergi is a private company and its shares are held by people with a high level of business skills and a solid background. The Company has a traditional administration and control system whereby corporate management is the responsibility of the Board of Directors and control functions are allocated to the Board of Statutory Auditors. The Company's accounts are also independently audited by an accredited audit firm.

Financial information

In addition to permanently available information, this section also publishes the invitations to the general meeting and general meeting documentation, notifications with regard to dividend payments, and any other legally required documentation or information.

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Investors are encouraged to visit this section regularly. Publications and presentations from analyst and investor briefings, conferences, or other events are posted as soon as they are available, which provides useful background information.