Cynergi is globally recognized as an industry leader and a pioneer in the field of emulsified fuels. Cynergi's unique understanding and know-how in the oxyhydrogen boosting and fuel nano emulsion technology, allow it to provide global solution to customers.

Cynergi technical office

Full range of customized Emulsion Technologies, Additives and Oxyhydrogen Boosting.

Cynergi is the only company in the world that offers a full range of customized emulsion technologies and oxyhydrogen injection for virtually all petroleum or biofuel products.

  1. We offer technologies and expertise to help operators of compression-ignited engines, turbines and industrial boilers meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements.

  2. We meet the challenge of providing cleaner renewable fuel with a new generation of emulsified biofuel that does not have the problem of high NOx emission which is an obstacle for biofuel deployment.

  3. We deliver products with optimized combustion characteristics which enhance thermal and energy efficiency.

  4. We help customers understand specific emission issues, develop technology packages aimed at solving them, and assist with lab analysis and on-field tests and implementation of solutions.

  5. We are developing new ways to help international power plant operators meet the constantly growing demand for electricity with heavier oil products, to burn cleanly, more efficiently and economically.