About US

Cynergi Group is focused on fuel saving and low emission technology, that features a proprietary nanosize emulsion technology, chemical additives and oxyhydrogen generation technology for a broad range of liquid fuel products.

cynergi installation
Cynergi holds patents rights for the most advanced emulsification technology, a broad range of dedicated additives and the most powerful oxyhydrogen generator in the world. The vision of Cynergi group is to find a family of nanomaterials, technologies and synthesis techniques for accelerated production of innovative, advanced and affordable products in the following areas: fuel treatment, combustion improver, fuel and lubricant additives.

Milestones of Cynergi

We started our story in 2015, with the idea to follow a new approach to reduce combustion emissions,  not by filtering or capturing them, but avoiding their formation.

We conducted for two years the R&D on the nanoscale processing of water molecule and its effect on combustion. Working in strict collaboration with two university labs and a private research center, we started the first series of tests with a broad range of hydrocarbon and bio fuels. Thus we defined the key principles of a low energy consumption oxyhydrogen gas generator and the preliminary idea of fuel-water emulsion, taking care to be economically competitive.

After seeing the sensational  results of lab tests, in 2015 the founders, made the decision to  create the company Cynergi.

From the research conducted in the two precedent years, have been  developed two families of product prototypes, tested in a university lab and in field with a very positive feedback. At this point, we organized our patents strategy to cover all parts of our innovations:  fuel treatment, additives and oxyhydrogen generator.

In early 2015 we started our production line with the first industrial series of machines. During that year, were defined the organization structure  and the Policy  of Cynergi Group  to enable us to control and ensure high quality level of the entire manufacturing process. We also proceeded with the definition and establishment of our  product portfolio,  the creation of Cynergi Italy, the operational and commercial arm of the group and afterwards Cyntech Lab, the chemical lab located in Genoa.

Since 2015 we have been focused on the international distribution and service network, always paying attention to the development of new products and the satisfaction of our customers.

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