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Nozzle Mixing

Highly pressurized cyclonic sprayers mix treated fuel, ηEmulsion, and Cynergas, eliminating the steam pulverization need.

Cyclone sprayers have revealed the following advantages if compared to conventional mechanical, steam-mechanical and steam sprayers:

- fuel oil flow consumption decrease by 0.5% or more, due to fuel burning efficiency, which is  reached by high dispersion of fuel oil in acoustic and ultrasonic fields;

- high boiler load control, without fuel oil pressure alteration from 6 bar to 60 bar without burning deterioration;  

- lower nitrogen oxide content in the combustion products by 5% to 15% due to better body of flame and micronization;

-  lower or zero steam rate (with fuel emulsion) for dispersion of fuel oil if compared to steam sprayers;

- efficient burning of fuel oil at 80 to 90°С as well as watery fuel oil with emulsion content up to 25% for boilers and up to 40% for turbines.


  • High pressure micro particle injection
  • No steam pulverization needed
  • Ready for Turbine and Boiler




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