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ECS - Engine Cleaning System

The inside of an engine can be cleaned of carbon and sulphur deposits in a totally non-invasive procedure, using a simple, safe, environment-friendly in a 40 minutes process. The Cynergi's Engine Cleaning System is effective and unexpensive.

Connect it to a vacuum line on the engine, and run the car at idle for 40 minutes. This method is not only effective and simple,  do not messy, do not requires clean up afterward and poses no environmental or safety risk.

The Process

Cynergi's engine cleaning system, is using the principle of ultrapure-water electrolysis, which produces colorless gases, hydrogen and oxygen, blended and compressed in a perfect stoichiometric mixture.  OxyHydrogen gases is injected through a hose which is connected to the engine vacuum pipe or intake manifold in idle speed.

Hydrogen and oxygen gases  produce high temperature in combustion, and hydrogen and oxygen ions are released in the combustion chamber. Hydrogen ions bind easily to carbon based substances,  this permit the full combustion of the carbon based substances and with the oxygen ions which bind with sulphur molecules attached to the metal surfaces and disgregate during the combustion. After combustion, the oxyhydrogen mixture converts to water steam which increases the cleaning effect. The carbon deposits are discharged after combustion, in nanoparticle  or carbon dioxide gas, both do not block three way catalytic converter and the exhaust pipe.


Carbon deposits tend to build up inside the combustion chambers of internal combustion engines over time, your engine's performance fades, fuel consumption rises and exhaust emission levels worsen.

The ECS process is intended to clean away these deposits and restore engine performance, increase throttle response, as well as lower exhaust emission levels. Because of cleaner burning inside the combustion chambers and lower mechanical friction the fuel consumption levels are reduced.

The service life of engine may be extended significantly as well as the lubricating oil life. We recommend repeating this procedure once a month.  Depending on vehicle usage and mileage, more frequent cleaning operations might be desirable, especially with older vehicles, areas where the quality of fuel is a problem, or in vehicles operating under extremely harsh conditions.



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