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Cynergas Generator

Cynergi's Oxy-hydrogen Generators, separate ultrapure water into hydrogen and oxygen gas, blended and pressurized, using a small amount of electric power via our patented process.

Our products make this gas on demand, which means no worries about transporting and storing dangerous pressurized gas fuel tanks. These gases are immediately delivered as a mixed fuel gas, for use as combustion booster in motor generators, ship motors or boilers.

Oxy-Hydrogen gas used alone permits to reduce the fuel consumption considerably and clean deeply the combustion chamber, used coupled with fuel emulsions allows to reduce consumption and emission in an outstanding manner.


Revolutionary Cynergas technology, enables large capacity, 24 hour 365 day pure Oxy-hydrogen* gas production.
Fully automated touch screen control system (PLC) with remote control function and tracking.

  • 85.6% power to gas generation efficiency with a power rating at ~ 2,6 kWh/mc
  • Fully Atex EU Safety Certified
  • Unique carbon nanotech filtering enables the machine to perform with minimum disruption and maintenance

* Oxy-hydrogen is an enriched mixture of hydrogen and oxygen bonded together molecularly and magnetically.



Marine engines

Marine nano emulsion
Cynergi nano-emulsifier has a production range from 200 kg/h to 8,000 kg/h of fuel. Nano emulsion with Cyntech MF marine additive, allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption while helping to bring your ships into compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, the U.S. Clean... ...

Engine Generator

Inefficient incomplete fuel combustion Due to the prolonged use of the engines in  generators, the accumulation of carbon deposits and incomplete fuel combustion create significant waste and lubricating oil contamination. This results in an estimated 20 percent increase in wasted fuel costs.  Our optimized combustion reaction... ...