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Cyntech™ Additives

Cynergi’s proprietary technology creates stable mixtures of emulsified fuels, which contain varying percentages of water. The emulsion technology can be applied to bind various base fuels with water, creating a wide array of environment-friendly products that reduce both oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), pollution created during the combustion process.
Cynergi delivers its technology through a unique and intimate knowledge of the critical components of emulsified fuel production as well as the combustion of emulsified fuels.

Cyntech Additives typically comprises from 0.2% to approximately 2% of the finished fuel. Cynergi has developed specific additive combinations for diesel emulsions, fuel oil emulsions, emulsified biodiesel and residual oil emulsions.

Cyntech Additives are manufactured  by Cynergi Lab in Genoa,  with international law compliance that can comply with Cynergi's strict requirements. The formulation of Cyntech Additives is protected by international patents.

Cyntech Additives are liquids, they are relatively inexpensive, easily transported, stored and applied. Generally, they have a very long shelf life (in some cases up to a year).

SD / Stable Diesel
SF / Stable Fuel Oil
SE / Stable Ecoden
DD / On demand Diesel
DF / On demand Fuel Oil
DVL / On demand Vegetal Oil (light)
DVH / On demand Vegetal Oil (heavy)
MF / Mariner on demand Fuel Oil
MB / Mariner on demand Bilge Oil
MD / Mariner Fuel Dryer
TF / Turbine Fuel Oil




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Marine engines

Marine nano emulsion
Cynergi nano-emulsifier has a production range from 200 kg/h to 8,000 kg/h of fuel. Nano emulsion with Cyntech MF marine additive, allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption while helping to bring your ships into compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, the U.S. Clean... ...


Cynergi fuel pre-treatment and specialty CyntechTM additives, focus on improving the operational efficiency of steam boilers, industrial boilers and process systems by offering ready-made solutions to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by increasing combustion efficiency and mitigating ash formation, corrosion and smoke production.Our proprietary Cyntech... ...

Engine Generator

Inefficient incomplete fuel combustion Due to the prolonged use of the engines in  generators, the accumulation of carbon deposits and incomplete fuel combustion create significant waste and lubricating oil contamination. This results in an estimated 20 percent increase in wasted fuel costs.  Our optimized combustion reaction... ...


Fuel saving and low emission Due to Diesel fuel, the accumulation of carbon deposits and incomplete fuel combustion create significant incombusts and lubricating oil contamination. This results inwasted fuel and a significant increase of maintenance costs.  Cynergi has developed technologies and plants for the manufacturing of highly stable and... ...