Cynergi provides plants according to the strictest international standards in force, like GOST, ASTM, INMETRO, CSA, KOSHA etc. By working with top certification bodies, Cynergi is also able to provide plants and systems that are CE, CE-PED and ATEX certified.

Cynergi, the most advanced technology in fuel treatment and combustion

Producing an emulsion involves both chemical and mechanical operations. The formulation of an additive must take into account the need to preserve the stability, restore lubricity and flash point in both storage and injection. The mechanical operation involved in producing nano emulsified fuel is that of high-value shearing and hydrodynamic cavitation operation.

The proper amounts of water, additive and fuel must be metered into the shearing volume to preserve the final emulsified fuel product homogeneity. Computer-controlled fuel blending units are used to produce light and heavy fuel emulsions.

Oxy-Hydrogen gas is ultrapure water separated into its two constituents (hydrogen and oxygen) by an advanced alkaline pulsed electrolysis process in a way that allows them to be mixed under pressure and then be burned with fuel or fuel emulsion. The process results in a gas containing ionic hydrogen and oxygen. Existing combustion technology can be boosted from low efficiency to extremely high efficiency by injecting Oxy-Hydrogen gas into internal combustion engines and boilers.

Applications: Engine generators, Vehicles, Boilers, Turbines, Marine engines, Cement Plants

Fuels:             Diesel, Light Oil, HFO, Residual FO, Bio-fuel, Animal fat oil etc.