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Power Generation with Heavy Fuel Oils
With ever-increasing global energy demand and a relatively limited supply of fuel available, power producers are seeking alternative fuel sources to generate power, including crude and residual oils, also commonly named heavy fuel oils. Most of these are contaminated with heavy metals and require pre-combustion fuel treatment as well as frequent turbine cleaning to remove ash and recover lost performance.


Cyntech ηEmulsion reduces the emission and consumption while protecting the blades and reducing the frequency of turbine cleaning.

Our turbine Cyntech fuel emulsion and pretreatments additives, bring confidence when using heavy fuel oil (HFO) and crude oil. Your turbine units run reliably while vastly reducing power-generation costs. Our approach prevents hot-path corrosion, ash fouling, and other detrimental effects associated with using HFO.

  • Fuel saving up to 12,7%
  • Smoke reduction up to 80%
  • NOx reduction up to 28%
  • Self cleaning of blades
  • Nanostructure surface protection of blades

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