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Marine nano emulsion

Cynergi nano-emulsifier has a production range from 200 kg/h to 8,000 kg/h of fuel. Nano emulsion with Cyntech MF marine additive, allows to significantly reduce fuel consumption while helping to bring your ships into compliance with MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI, the U.S. Clean Air Act, the E.U. Emissions Standards, and the Asian Standards.

Cyntech nano emulsion enables you to reduce fuel consumption and cut pollution concurrent with maintaining maximum power.

The installation of nano emulsifer in your engine room does not require modifications of engines or generators, needing only a power source, and a desalinated water source of up to 24% of your hourly fuel consumption. The installation can be accomplished with little or no downtime. 

Results vary with operating environment, however we have found Engine Generator fuel savings of 4~12%.

Example of application on 8.4MW engine: 

NOx reduction, 18%
Full combustion
Fuel saving, 6.3%
Self cleaning of combustion chamber
Smoke reduction, 80%