Low emission and high energy efficiency are obtained using combined technologies: oxyhydrogen injection, hydrodynamic cavitation and nano emulsion.

Such systems could reduce current liquid fuel consumption from 5% up to 18%, reduce NOx emission up to 32%, smokes up to 80% and particulate (PM) up to 60%.

With Cyntech lubricant additives, we can triple the hours of life of the oil, while maintaining or increasing the initial characteristics.

Cynergi Simulator samples are downloadable here. 

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Engine Generator

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Marine engines

Marine nano emulsion
Cynergi nano-emulsifier has a production range from...

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Cement Plant

Cynergi fuel emulsion and specialty CyntechTM additives, focus on improving the...

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Cynergi fuel pre-treatment and specialty CyntechTM additives, focus on improving...

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